Your Sales Funnel: Your Plan To Succeed

Create Your Sales Funnel.
Business isn’t just good luck and timing. It’s also about careful business planning. Part of that planning involves the careful design and implementation of your sales funnel. This is the strategy you put in place to collect the random visitors that come to your site and convert them into paying customers. A carefully crafted sales funnel can help you make your own luck and give you a great start to succeed in your online business.

The elements of good sales funnel are:

 Identifying Your Sales Prospects – First, you have to separate the wheat from the chaff, the paying customers from the freeloaders. This isn’t too hard to do if you can simply get people to identify themselves with clever introductory offers. Once a purchase is made, no matter how small, you know that this is someone open to your products and services.

 Ask For The Sale – Don’t be afraid to ask for a sale! Once you’ve identified potential customers, start to make them offers that they can’t refuse. Most of online marketing is being able to present your products in irresistible offers that appeal to your demographics.

 Create Your Own Sales Opportunities – Don’t just include sales copy on a sales web page, but also in other areas from your thank you page to ingenious email and newsletter links. If you start paying attention to when and how to market your prospects, you will eventually increase your bottom line.

 Give Your Customers Choices – Maybe your customer prefers to see a video rather than buy an ebook. Offering different formats is one way to offer different choices. Another way is to offer the same product, but with varying complexity so that they can try out a cheaper and simpler version first. Later, if they want upgrade they will know what to expect.

This graduated way of finding your potential customers, making sure you ask for the sale, and increasingly marketing them over a period of time will give you good results in business. It will be a proven way to gradually build your customer base and increase your customer loyalty year after year.

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