Why Your Sales Funnel Is Essential

Why Your Sales Funnel Is Essential

When you’re filling a container with a spout, you have to use a funnel to make sure that you guide the liquid from one area to another and capture it where you want it. Similarly, a sales funnel captures the enormous potential of Internet traffic and directs it to make sales for your products and services. Without a plan for capturing visitors to your site and converting them into paying customers, you will spend enormous amounts of time creating new customers and convincing them to buy instead of harvesting the flow of potential customers already on your site.

Sales funnels allow you to identify paying customers, begin to build a trusting relationship with them, and eventually help them to make the decision to buy from you. Without a sales funnel, you miss many opportunities to engage your visitors into a relationship with you that can create profit for you and help them solve whatever dilemma has brought them to your site.

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