Differences Between Targeted And Untargeted Traffic

Targeted And Untargeted Traffic:
To succeed in online business, you need many elements:

– Domain Name
– Dedicated Web Hosting
– Reliable Autoresponders
– A Consistent Flow Of Traffic
– Convincing Sales Copy
– Etc.

Regarding the traffic element mentioned above, this is critically important to your online success. Without traffic coming to your website, it won’t matter if you have any or all of the other elements, as no one will know about your website and learn of your product offer.

However, there is a specific type of traffic that will greatly increase your chances at online success, and that type of traffic is known as “targeted traffic.”

Targeted traffic is where the traffic that comes to your web page is interested in your product offer from the moment he/she arrives at your web page. Conversely, “untargeted traffic” is where the traffic that comes to your web page is not interested in your product offer from the time he/she arrives at your web page.

Naturally, it will be much easier to convert targeted traffic into buyers than it would converting untargeted traffic into buyers. Targeted traffic will have an initial interest in a product or service you are offering; they may even have come to your website because they were specifically looking for something similar to what you are offering.

Untargeted traffic will likely have just stumbled onto your website by accident, perhaps confusing your domain name with something else they were looking for or thinking your website would be about something else. When they get to your web page, they will likely leave just as quickly because the subject matter you are dealing with does not interest them.

For more information on achieving targeted traffic to your website, check out our Traffic Tactics. Reliable Autoresponders

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